Christian Service Brigade of Canada is mindful of its part in caring for the health and welfare of children participating in its programs. We work with churches to ensure that their initiatives to protect children are the best that they can be. We ensure that their insurance coverage not only protects the children but that it also requires a high degree of oversight and accountability.

CSB Canada does not allow groups to register with us without that group being a recognized part of a local church. We believe in the value of the local church. It is through the relationships built in the local church that church leadership has the confidence to allow a man or a woman the authority to lead a group of children or youth.

We know that the local church has Police Checks and Abuse Prevention Training. We know that the local church provides a much higher level of oversight than is available for programs operating outside of the church. We know that the local church provides a level of prayer and spiritual discernment that goes beyond its legal obligations of care.

CSB believes in the value of the local church in augmenting CSB’s own care initiatives.



CSB requires a registered CSB group to be part of a local church. We work through the local church, using its mailing and email addresses to maintain contact with the local group. The church must annually sign the CSB Working Agreement, which includes a declaration of its Child Protection Plan, for their group to continue with CSB Canada,


CSB designs its club programs to prevent situations where harm can happen. CSB intentionally writes its curriculum to encourage safety during its activities, and to also avoid compromising situations.


CSB has a refresher course for leaders called “Reducing the Risk” (ALT 264 – Protecting the Children in your Church). It does not replace the local church’s child protection program, but simply serves as a reminder of how leaders can minimize the risks of running an active program for boys or girls.


CSB Canada is a member of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. This allows CSB to add its weight to EFC’s initiatives to demand high standards of care by government authorities.

Please contact CSB Canada if you have any questions about its efforts. Thank you.

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