Herald of Christ…

Brigade’s PInnacle Recognition for Young Men and Leaders

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Herald of Christ

The Herald of Christ represents a level of Christian maturity rather than just an earned rank. Its standards primarily evaluate leadership development and Christian character.

Herald of Christ is where men achieve a pinnacle recognition and live their life for God
Herald of Christ is a 9-12 month disicpleship path

Herald of Christ is a one to three-year discipleship journey that equips and challenges men to be the spiritual warriors God has called them to be, able to stand firm in their faith by the power of God at work in them and through them.

Many organizations that emphasize an Achievement program have a top honour which recognize those who want to be the very best. In CSB, the top honour is called the “Herald of Christ.” The “HOC” is both an internship process and an award given to a young man who, after completing all of the requirements, exemplifies what it means to be a genuine herald of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Herald of Christ can be earned in Two Versions 

Herald of Christ comes in two versions. The Herald of Christ for Battalion is a young man’s final leg of the Achievement journey he began as he entered Battalion. It is the final challenge for him to demonstrate a proven testimony of faith in action and of following Jesus.

The Herald of Christ for Leaders is a modified version of the Battalion program written intentionally for leaders, setting the same challenge to see Christ at work through their own lives.

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Herald of Christ sets a Biblical Standard of Godly Manhood 

The Herald of Christ sets a Biblical standard of Godly manhood. CSB Canada uses the Seven Points of Valour as the measure of understanding of what it means to be a godly man in a secular world. The Herald of Christ graduate has achieved a recognized level of spiritual maturity.


The Herald of Christ Leads to Influencing the World for Christ

The Herald of Christ helps a man understand that it will be his legacy to influence the world of today and tomorrow for God. The Herald of Christ models Christ-like behavior based upon solid spiritual habits.


Teaching Tree Climbers and Tadpoles

“April 1967 is when I received my Herald of Christ. 50+ years ago. Glad for the men who invested in my life!”

Keith Hadigate, Alumnus, Herald of Christ #C27

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