I’m interested in BUILDING OTHERS

Christian Service Brigade Alumni

“I’d like to participate in building the other generations for Christ.”

Building OTHERS

Attention: CSB Graduates, Parents, Wives and Alumni…
You have a wealth of information that can help boys, men, families and churches, as well as CSB, be effective in winning and training others for Christ.

Christian Service Brigade is all about “Winning and Training Boys & Young Men for Christ”. But since the very beginning, we have been all about building the men in the local church. We also developed Pioneer Girls as our sister ministry to serve girls and women. And we have always been about enhancing the father-son and family relationships. CSB builds OTHERS. You can be part of it.

CSB Canada has been building others since 1942. We have alumni who were boys in the program back in 1945. We have wives who served with their husbands. We have women who served in Pioneer Girls and Girls Alive going back to the mid-’40’s, as well. CSB has been all about the discipleship of every generation for generations.

Mentoring today’s youth is still a key aspect of Brigade. We need others to come alongside our current CSB leaders to help them as they invest in their boys, sharing their faith, and showing a boy how to be a godly man. We need women to encourage today’s Brigade wives, and to help mentor leaders in our girls’ ministries.

You can help prepare today’s youth and leaders by investing your time in volunteering or mentoring. Men, you can help disciple the next generation for Christ: boys and male teens in their formative years, many of whom want male role models to show them what it means to be a Christ-centred man.

Brigade Alumni helps mentor youth today
Brigade helps fathers and sons experiencing discipleship together
Brigade helps men learn to worship and follow Jesus
Bridages helps dads learn how to become Christian role models for their boys

“What I really remember about CSB is not what we did or learned. I remember those men pouring their lives into me, living their lives in front of me, challenging and training me to live as a man of God. That’s the key: relationships.”

Brett Clemmer, President of Man in the Mirror, CSB Alumnus.


Do you remember those good times with CSB, when Brigade Leaders spent time with you, making an investment in you, mentoring you, taking you on exciting adventures where you made friends, learned new skills, and learned to be a follower of Christ? Those were the good days that helped to build your character, and contributed towards making you the man you are today.

YOU can help Brigade and play a vital role in shaping the character and passion for God of the younger generations in your church and community. This is YOUR TIME to pay back the investment other men made in you and help disciple today’s youth into Christian maturity.

Imagine Men Building Godly Men in your congregation to be come spiritual leaders

Imagine the boy from a fatherless home learn to have confidence and improved self-esteem through your mentoring as you become a role model for him, build a relationship with him, and show him Christ’s love.

Imagine Men Building Godly Men in your congregation to be come spiritual leaders

Imagine boys in your church and community develop healthy Christian friendships while enjoying action-packed adventures together just as you did.

Imagine Men Building Godly Men within your congregation

Imagine your the impact to your church, your community, and to the families as you help demonstrate what being a godly man is like while showcasing the leadership skills you developed in Brigade.

Imagine Men Building Godly Men using tools supplied by Brigade to help reach boys

Imagine boys thriving in an action-packed Brigade Unit where men are building relationships with them, equipping them with the Christian discipleship skills they need to stand firmly with Christ in today’s challenging world.


Get to know more about how you can continue to serve…

Christian Service Brigade | Canada would love to have a conversation with you about incorporating your skills and knowledge into the fabric of CSB. We have dedicated and caring staff who will help you find a place where you can plug in.

Please contact CSB Canada by email or phone to tell us how you would like to get involved…

1) Join our Alumni and become a CSB Ambassador; learn what CSB is doing and how you can get involved. 

2) Request a CSB Program Sample Kit, if you are interested in having CSB at your church.

3) Volunteer to help mentor/disciple CSB youth or leaders.

4) Volunteer or work for work for CSB in its mission to Build God Men of all generations.

“Mentoring is the key to leadership success on a consistent, long-term basis… Organizations that continue to build leaders in this fashion…are the ones that historically sustain their positions for the long-term.”

Tony Dungy, NFL Head Coach, retired

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