Leader Certification

Christian Service Brigade has helped well over 40,000 boys and men on their spiritual walk with Jesus Christ. From the beginning, our success has been tied to the training that the leader receives. This training is found in the home, church and community. CSB simply adds to it, refines and guides it to the Biblical truths that the leader needs in guiding children to the Lord, the Word, the Church, and the Man.

CSB knows the value of training and requires its leaders to receive Certification Training soon after joining as a leader. This is usually done as a group and with the cooperation of the local church. In-person training is preferred, but online training is available, as well as a self-guided, individual training course.

The Basic Leadership Training course, the BLT, is described below. If you need certification or if it’s been over five years since being certified, please contact the CSB Head Office to arrange for a BLT course in your area.

The BLT – Basic Leadership Training


  • To understand the mission, vision, purpose and distinctives of Christian Service Brigade;
  • To learn the Biblical basis for CSB;
  • To learn about children;
  • To learn about leadership, and;
  • To understand the Ministry Programs of CSB.


There are several ways to have the BLT.

    1. At your church as a group. Cost $15/person, $5 more with the Building Men manual. Travel costs for the CSB presenter should be considered.
    2. Online as a group with your leaders all using Zoom. Cost $15/person, $5 more with the Building Men manual (shipped separately to one location – the church). There is no travel cost for the CSB presenter.
    3. Online using a prepackaged PowerPoint presentation. This is self-guided option that can be done as a group at church by a local leader, or individually at home. Cost $15/person, $5 more with the Building Men manual (shipped separately to one location – the church). There is no CSB presenter involved. (This course is being updated and unavailable at this time.)
    4. At home using the Building Men manual alone and the Self-Test in the back. Cost $15/person and $10 more for the Building Men manual (shipped directly to the leader). There is no CSB presenter involved.


The BLT takes a little over two hours to complete, so with arrival, introductions, and coffee break, you should be finished in less than three relaxed and enjoyable hours.

The course materials are found in the Building Men manual. The course is designed so the trainee can follow along in his own manual, highlighting as he goes.

The “Basic” course talks about the entire ministry of CSB – Tree Climbers, Stockade, and Battalion – showing how each group works together in serving the boy through the various stages of his life… his Discipleship Path.

The course ends with the trainee filling out a Personal Leadership Application (or the Self-Study Test), which is sent to the CSB Head Office or CSB Warehouse for processing.

When processing is complete, the graduate will receive a Certificate showing his unique Certification Number and a “Certified Leader” shoulder patch for his uniform. His name, address and Certification Number will also be added to CSB List of Certified Leaders. 

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