Starting a New CSB Unit

Reaching and discipling boys and young men for Jesus Christ is a difficult task. It will cost something – a substantial investment of time and energy. And then there is a financial consideration. Moreover, a successful program rarely develops “overnight.” It takes months, even years. Diligent prayer and planning are essential to an effective spiritual ministry of men boys and teenage guys.

The Lord’s illustration of “counting the cost,” as given in Luke 14:28-30, is appropriate when considering the possibility of a boys’ ministry. The cost of an effective program in terms of dedicated people should be carefully considered from the start. Is there sufficient motivation and commitment to carry it through? Is the attitude one of determina­tion with dependence upon the Lord? If so, a lack of ability or inexperi­ence can be overcome. An appreciation for the seriousness of the task should be shared at the outset by every person involved.

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