Our New Website is Under Development

by Apr 3, 2017

A Time for Reinvention!

For the past several months, we have spent a lot of time trying to reinvent our online website. We are partnered with Christian Service Brigade in the United States of America and share a lot of resources, including branding and design elements.

Our prior website did not give Christian Service Brigade | Canada enough of it’s own unique design and “look & feel”.  So we asked an expert in website design to try to take our existing website and reinvent it.

An important design goal was to help ensure that our primary audiences were able to quickly find information relevant to their needs. This includes four basic audiences: Parents. Pastors. Alumni. Supporters. Additionally, we wanted to ensure that the Canadian organization’s website was representative of our Canadian culture and values. 

The new website was populated with a variety of imagery from our nation’s National Parks. Many of the pages feature pictures and photos from places such as Jasper National Park, Banff National Park, the Maritimes of Canada, and our great central plains. Many of the pages even feature some of the amazing fauna that can be found within our parks.

As you peruse the initial launch and design of our new website, we hope you find it much more effective in helping you find the resources you need regarding Christian Service Brigade | Canada. We also hope it helps you take pride in our Canadian heritage.


Steve Grove