Ron Carnahan

Regional Director

Background: Ron & Dianne Carnahan

Ron was born into a Christian home and spent early years on a farm in the Stayner, New Lowell area.  He became a Christian during his teen years at the Stayner Missionary Church Camp Grounds during revival meetings.  Ron studied to become an electrician and now is semi-retired only doing small jobs and installations. Ron has worked with boys since 1970 in Stockade and Battalion Units.  Ron has been involved as a local area CSB Chairman, Battalion Captain, Stockade Ranger, organizing Camporees and Adventure Week camping experiences.  Ron has been active in his local church as youth teacher, deacon and board chair over a number of years.

Dianne spent her early teen years in the Wasaga Beach, Stayner area. She became a Christian as a teenager.  Ron and Dianne first met at a combined youth group skating party and were married in Orillia in 1966.  Dianne stayed home with the children until the youngest started school.  Dianne has worked ten years in a Christian day school as a teacher and teaches assistant K-12.  She has also served in Pioneers, Sunday School and church librarian. Ron and Dianne have one son and one daughter and two grandchildren.  Brian and his wife Joanne, live in Caledon East.  Brian is a “Herald of Christ” and serves as an associate pastor.  Rhonda has spent five years as a missionary in East Africa and Europe.  She is now living in California.

When free time Ron likes to do wood working projects, golf and play Uno.  Dianne enjoys gardening, collecting and working in the church library.

Ron: Birthday January 9

Dianne: Birthday July 5

Anniversary: August 27