I’m a Pastor…

Christian Service Brigade Helps Pastors bring men and boys together to follow Christ

And I know how vital it is to Build Godly Men of Christ.

“There is no greater joy, privilege, or responsibility than to lead men into a kind of relationship with Jesus that Jesus wants.”
Patrick Morley, Founder, Man in the Mirror

“I realized that though I could give my two boys many things as a loving mother, what I couldn’t give them was an example of what it means to be a godly man. For that they would need to see Christian masculinity modeled. I don’t know what I would have done if it were not for the opportunity that Christian Service Brigade gave my sons to be discipled by amazing godly men.”

A single mom who had godly men help her disciple her sons

Building Godly Men of Today and Tomorrow. Brigade equips men to help prepare and disciple the next generation
Building Godly Men

Accept the call to challenge your men with the vital ministry of winning and training each generation to Christ.

Christian Service Brigade | Canada is all about “Building Godly Men of Today and Tomorrow.” It’s more than our motto.

We partner with national men’s ministries to help your church provide the things your men need to GROW in Christ and minister using their God-given strengths and talents. We can help you challenge your men to work for Christ, and help equip them to disciple every generation. Having a Brigade ministry in your church opens up the door of new opportunities for your men—men who may not fit anywhere else or who are wanting something more. And CSB helps prepare them to disciple the next generation: boys and male youth in their formative years, many who are in need of male role models who can show them what it means to be a Godly man.

“Your friendship with my husband was used by God to completely change our lives… Your friendship, man to man, enabled him to find life…You will never know how much you did for our family by being a friend to my husband.”
Wife of a CSB Leader to the church's Brigade Chairman

Our Rangers help mentor young boys and young men, modelling what it means to be a Godly man

Christian Service Brigade | Canada:

  • Serves as church-run, Christ-centered, inter-generational ministry for men and boys.
  • Supports churches desiring to fulfill the Great Commission with a comprehensive spiritual-growth roadmap for discipleship.
  • Fortifies a church’s ability to attract new families.
  • Addresses the absentee-father problem in a congregation and community.
  • Equips men with the training to excel in discipleship of boys.
  • Challenges men to actively engage in building and shaping boys into Godly men.
  • Strengthens youth to influence the world rather than being influenced by the world.
  • Enables boys to interact with their dads and other men as role models.
Brigade Ranger's - Male Leaders - Helping to disciple and mentor boys and young men
Brigade Ranger's - Male Leaders - Helping to disciple and mentor boys and young men with tools like our Stockade Modules
  • Advocates a weekly action-packed ministry that will resonate with boys of all ages.
  • Makes available age-appropriate, activity-driven, Christ-focused program materials.
  • Provides regional consultants ready to help train, guide, and address local needs.
  • Partners with regional camps that offer men and boys a Christ-centred summer experience.
“Mentoring is the key to leadership success on a consistent, long-term basis…
Organizations that continue to build leaders in this fashion…are the ones that historically sustain their positions for the long-term.”
Tony Dungy, NFL Head Coach, retired

Our comprehensive discipleship path is a spiritual “roadmap”, equipping today’s men of the church to work together in building godly men of tomorrow – your boys. Discipleship is not a sprint; it is a marathon. It takes time, effort, and above all, relationships – the things men are made for.  Christian Service Brigade | Canada comes alongside the church’s existing ministries to help the church fulfill the Great Commission of discipleship to its boys, men, families and community.

Brigade can play a vital role in shaping the character of men and their passion for God. Our programs are designed to help you build godly men of all generations within your church.

Imagine Men Building Godly Men in your congregation to be come spiritual leaders

Imagine the men in your congregation becoming the spiritual leaders in their homes.

Imagine Men Building Godly Men within your congregation
Imagine your male leadership developing within your congregation.
Imagine Men Building Godly Men in your congregation to be come spiritual leaders
Imagine boys thriving in an action-driven setting where men are building relationships with them.
Imagine Men Building Godly Men using tools supplied by Brigade to help reach boys
Imagine having the tools and resources to reach boys and their families in the community.

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Christian Service Brigade had a huge impact on my life. The relationships and mentoring from Godly men were crucial in my spiritual growth. The achievement-oriented program helped me to develop a self-discipline that continues to influence me today […] The ministry / leadership tools I use today are a direct result of the skills I developed in the Brigade program.”
Keith Hadigade