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Ever wish you had an owner’s manual for your son? Or at least a book of handy definitions? How about a road map, a “spiritual” road map that could help you, over the years, guide your son on a path that leads to spiritual growth? Brigade in general, and this app specifically, is that spiritual road map!

The LEGACY Discipleship App is designed to help fathers disciple sons, and men disciple boys. Intergenerational discipleship is key to the future of the church, to the spiritual health of our sons and boys.

The app uses pairs of tracks (one for the father, and one for the son) that work in sync to help the day lead his son on a discipleship journey. There is currently one set of tracks available (Foundations – Father track and Foundations – Son track). The tracks run for four weeks, with each week having an overall theme.

The LEGACY Discipleship app is available in both the Apple and Google mobile stores. It is free to download and use. Along with the discipleship tracks, the app is also a Bible engagement tool. It will send you a random verse daily (you choose the time of day it arrives), with a simple question or application to consider about the verse. Back to the Bible Ministries has included a simple questionnaire (found in the menu) based on the Fruit of the Spirit, that allows the app to target verses specific depending on how you answer the questionnaire – but this is totally optional!

NOTE: Start the father’s track one day before the son’s track as it has an extra day for an introduction to the app and how to use it. This app is a tool of Christian Service Brigade Canada, and was initiated as a project for a Doctor of Ministry program. As part of the D.Min. project, the tracks begin and end with a short, anonymous survey. It would be helpful to the researcher if you would participate.

Contact office.ca@ChristianServiceBrigade.ca for more information or if you have any questions.

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