Call to Action

by Apr 12, 2022

Reintroducing Christian Service Brigade…

For the past six months, CSB Canada has been working towards relaunching our ministry of Winning and Training Boys and Young Men for Christ all across this great country of ours… Canada.

CSB builds boys for Christ. We do it through the men of the local church. We help churches do it through their men and families. We have done the same for girls through Pioneer Girls, Girls Alive, and more recently, GEMS. We have plans for restarting Girls Alive, but it’s not our immediate focus.

CSB, Christian Service Brigade, Brigade, and sometimes “Boys Brigade”, whatever you call it, is a mighty Work of the Lord, but few people know about us. Most pastors don’t recognize us. Most parents were never involved with us. And yet, we have been serving in Canada since 1942. Hundreds, probably thousands, of pastors, missionaries and lay leaders have come out of our ministries. The Lord continues to Call us to the task of preparing men for His service.

We are beginning with a reintroduction of CSB to church leaders all across Canada. We have joined the EFC and are establishing advertisements in every issue of Faith Today.

We currently have a To-Do List of 70 items important to the growth of CSB in Canada. They include improving communication with churches, families, men and with our current CSB leaders. We have already udated our phone system to be toll-free across the country. Just call 1-877-272-3066 to talk to Canada’s CSB Store, Head Office, or any of our Staff.

We are updating our website. We are adding communication tools like regular newsletters, occasional mailings, Valor Magazine,, and promos to CSB leaders and churches. We are establishing a secondary CSB website where CSB leaders, families and churches can find supporting resources, tips, training and events.

We are expanding our Staff with CSB Staff Associates and summer students. We are creating ways for churches to establish CSB Units in partnership with other churches. We are looking for volunteers in many areas of need, nationally, regionally and locally. We are shortening our CSB email addresses to

We are recording CSB Promotional Videos. We are establishing a team to revise Girls Alive so that we can give CSB churches a CSB-based choice for their women and girls. We are hoping to engage a new Ontario-based board member. We are working with CSB USA to take advantage of our respective areas of expertise. We are putting together a CSB Calendar of Annual Events.

We are updating our Building Men – Leading with Integrity and Skill Leader’s Guide and the Basic Leadership Training (BLT) course that it supports. We are updating our CSB Programs brochure.

We have established a CSB Team of Prayer Warriors and have already sent out our first Prayer Bulletin.

By faith, CSB Canada is moving forward. Your prayers and encouragement help us greatly. Help keep us accountible. We know how important CSB can be in drawing boys (and girls) and their families to Jesus in communities throughout our country. Together, we are winning and training boys and young men (girls and young women) for Christ.

Howard PikeĀ  – April 12, 2022